A warm welcome to all members of the Bikkali Sitarama Iyer Family. I have created this site as a common space for sharing information and a repository for any digital asset that would be importance to the family members. Currently I have some bhajans sung by my father, bhajane pustaka, My ancestors document written by father and some others like that. The “Resources” area is where these are stored. There is also a section for photos. The Posts section is meant for general information or blogs. 

I have an user system in this site. Registering and logging in will allow you to post in the posts section. To prevent spamming only registered users can post or add to the resources. But to view (and download) content one need not be a member.

Do let me know what you all feel of this site and how it can be improved.


Satyanath (Shivarama)

5 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. So happy to be part of this group Shivu. Am sure this will help in further strengthening the family members binding and also provide a platform to share any digital assets with others. Happy to contribute as well.

  2. We r happy .Bikkali paati used to tell Dharani mandala poem after telling all Bikkali bhajans Chikkappa voice we want tat poem

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